Lansbury House Trust Fund

  Registered Charity No. 306139  
  Lansbury House? What's the significance?

'Lansbury' comes from George Lansbury, (1859-1940).  Lansbury is relatively little known amongst people under 40, a footnote to history.  Yet he was once well-known, a pacifist Christian active in the Labour Movement.  He fought for women's suffrage and workers' rights, was elected an MP, was the editor of the Daily Herald and went to see world leaders such as Hitler to try to avoid the Second World War.  He was unswerving in his opposition to the use of violence, and made many sacrifices in the pursuit of reconciliation and peace.

He lived to see the beginning of the war, a shattering event for him as for all peace-workers.  The fact that wars happen does not mean that we can give up on peace work - where there is conflict, it shows that there is the greatest need for continuing our efforts.  If you listen to the daily news, you will understand the need.

What do we do?

Lansbury House Trust Fund is a channel for other funds.  We receive donations from individuals and from Quaker charities and other organisations, to be used for peace work, particularly education. 

We oversaw the Myrtle Solomon Memorial Fund (now finished), which had been left in trust for War Resisters International, and continue to receive funds on their behalf. 

We have helped groups like Gathering Visions, Peace Pledge Union, and Peace Brigades International.

We are currently working with Conscience (Peace Tax Campaign) and War Resisters International

In addition to acting as a channel for other funds, we can make grants from our own funds.  We look for small, innovative projects which are not yet in a position to obtain support from anywhere else.